MPC-700 Base Epoxy Pigment (16.9 oz)


Latux base epoxy pigment comprises pigments that suspend themselves in an epoxy resin. This process also allows them to blend harmoniously into the epoxy resins to make uniform colors. Base epoxy pigments are to tint epoxy resins such as coatings, paints, gel coats, laminating, casting, or self-leveling resins.

Attention: For every 3-gallon kit, we recommend applying two base pigments of the same color to enhance the finished product.

Clear epoxy adhesives and coatings are easy to tint with our pigments. We offer concentrated pigments, which can be added in any quantity.

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MPC-700 Base Epoxy Pigment
MPC-700 Base Epoxy Pigment (16.9 oz)
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